If a purchaser's selected county Tax Assessor Collector's (TAC) office is closed, the Transportation Code allows a title application to be submitted in another county as long as that county is willing to accept the application. 

 A list of closed TAC offices is available on the TxDMV website https://www.txdmv.gov/

 If the purchaser selects their county of residence and that county is closed, the dealer may submit the title application to another county willing to accept the application.  If the purchaser’s selected county is not closed, the application for title continues to be submitted in the purchaser's selected county, i.e., their county of residence or the county where the vehicle is encumbered or purchased as designated on Form VTR-136.  This form is modified to accommodate the purchaser's chosen county selection if closed and the dealer's confirmation statement.  The purchaser may electronically complete and submit Form VTR-136 or provide their designation in an email to the dealership.

 The dealer is required to maintain this information in the deal file. 

 If the dealer is not a designated dealer deputy in a county by that TAC, no dealer deputy fee may be charged for that transaction.

 The TxDMV will update the RTS system this weekend to identify transactions processed on behalf of a closed county and facilitate funds distribution as the processing and handling fee will be paid to the processing county and all other fees will be remitted to the purchaser’s residential county.  Additional guidance will be provided in RTS Release 9.6.1.

 RTB #009-20 and the new revised Form VTR-136 (County of Title Issuance) is attached. (Click Here)