Texas Dealer Academy


“Leadership Development for Today and Tomorrow”

Texas Dealer Academy is a part of TADA and is for any dealer’s family members and/or key managers working in the dealership who are interested in furthering their education and knowledge of the franchised new car and truck business in Texas.

The Texas Dealer Academy is a structured program consisting of educational and operational training.

TDA members have an opportunity to meet and network with other young dealers throughout the state, as well as the TADA Executive Staff, members of regulatory agencies, and policy makers.

The program offers the opportunity for the TDA participant to prepare for the future of the dealership and will provide a chance to meet with their peers to exchange thoughts and ideas

while hearing the latest information from the industry professionals – on a local, state-wide and national level.

Contact Kathy Sims at [email protected] for Details!

The Texas Dealer Academy will prepare candidates for the role of Dealer Principal and nurture friendships in the automotive industry that will last a lifetime.

TDA will meet twice a year, where the focus will be on dealership operations and profitability.

Texas Dealer Academy annual membership dues are $700 per person. Dealership must be a member of TADA.  

TDA Membership Application