2015 edition of occupations code & other statutes 

Occupations Code

Chapter 2301 – Sale or Lease of Motor Vehicles


Chapter 2002 – Charitable Raffles

Transportation Code

Chapter 501 – Certificate of Title Act


Chapter 502 – Registration of Vehicles


Chapter 503 – Dealer’s and Manufacturer’s Vehicle License Plates


Chapter 504 – License Plates (Selected Sections)


Chapter 520 – Miscellaneous Provisions (Selected Sections)


Chapter 728 – Sale or Transfer of Motor Vehicles and Master Keys
Chapter 1001 to 1005 – Organization of Department; Rules; Department Procedures; Public Access; Standards of Conduct


Business and Commerce Code

Chapter 17 - Deceptive Trade Practices

Section 27.02. Certain Insurance Claims for Excessive Charges 

Section 202.001 - Sale of Motor Vehicle with Certain Stoplamp Covering Prohibited 

Finance Code

Chapter 348 – Motor Vehicle Installment Sales

Chapter 349 – Penalties and Liabilities

Chapter 353 – Commercial Motor Vehicle Installment Sales


Chapter 152 - Taxes on Sale, Rental, and Use of Motor Vehicles   

Chapter 23 - Appraisal Methods and Procedures (Selected Sections)


Insurance Code

Chapter 1952 – Policy Provisions and Forms for Automobile Insurance (Selected Sections)

Subchapter C. Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage and Subchapter G. Repair of Motor Vehicles

Labor Code

Chapter 61 – Payment of Wages (Selected Sections)


Property Code

Chapter 70 – Miscellaneous Liens (Selected Sections)