Legislative Chairman's Message

Dear Fellow Dealers, 

It is truly my honor to serve as the Chairman of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association’s (TADA) Legislative Committee for 2020-2021.  I am excited to help guide this association in its legislative efforts during this pivotal time in the automotive industry.

As an individual who worked as an employee in franchised dealerships before owning several of my own and working alongside my family, I have many perspectives on this industry.  Most importantly, I understand the importance of our family-owned dealerships and see their value to the community. 


The franchised dealers of Texas have a tremendous presence in the state and an important economic story to tell.  There are now over 1300 franchised dealerships in 284 cities and towns throughout Texas.  These dealerships represent a $6.5 billion investment in Texas land and facilities.  Franchised dealers also employ more than 100,000 Texans.  And these dealers collect $4 billion annually for the state in motor vehicle sales taxes and other fees. 


Texas franchised dealers and their employees also give back to the communities they serve.  Collectively, they contribute over $50 million annually to charitable causes and volunteer annually over 135,000 to community involvement.      


I am joined on the TADA Legislative Committee by a diverse group of accomplished franchised dealers from every region across our great state. We have small volume and large volume dealers. We have public and private capital dealers.  We have dealers who represent domestic manufacturers, and we have those who represent international manufacturers.  When we decide to take up policy positions on behalf of the Texas franchised dealers, we know we have considered many perspectives.  And I believe that where there is diversity and unity, there is great strength. 

The individual franchised dealers of Texas have many powerful voices but I believe we are most powerful when we speak with one voice.  With a diverse group of members setting legislative policy for the association and commonly agreeing on a united course of action, we will be able to make our case most effectively to the entire membership and our public policy makers.


It is with these assets that we will take our issues in front of the legislature.  With everyone’s participation and support, we can and will continue to make progress and have a positive impact on Texas, our communities, and the automotive industry.


Bryan Case
TADA Legislative Committee Chairman

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