Chairman's Corner

Dear Fellow Dealers and Friends,

It is truly an honor to serve as the Chairman of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) this year.

Through TADA, Texas franchised auto and truck dealers stand with a united voice on the critical issues that we are facing. The issue of most importance today is the preservation of the motor vehicle franchise laws that serve Texans and Texas so well.  And that is what TADA has steadfastly held as a priority for all of us.

Motor vehicle franchise laws work to protect and benefit the consumer. They create competition in new vehicle pricing and vehicle service and provide for safety and protection of the public in cases of warranty work and product recalls.  Franchised dealers provide the best access to widespread sales and service serving more than 284 cities across Texas.  Franchise laws allow for free enterprise to prosper and they empower small local businesses to become successful employers and community stewards.  Franchised dealers invest a great deal in their communities through the jobs they create and sustain, and they serve communities with philanthropic engagement and their volunteer hours.

TADA will continue to advocate on behalf of the franchised dealers at the Capitol by continually educating legislators about the value our industry provides to this great state and country. Texas franchised dealers provide opportunities to over 97,000 employees with good, high paying jobs and a combined annual payroll of over $6 billion.  Franchised dealers work as partners with manufacturers and consumers and serve as the most efficient, cost-effective distribution model for new and used cars.

Thank you for allowing me to represent over 1,300 franchised motor vehicle dealers serving 284 cities and towns across this great state. These dealers account for over $80 billion in retail sales which is more than 19% of all retail sales in Texas.  Together, we are a powerful partner with the state and our communities.

I am excited to work with all of you.  Together we will keep our franchise laws the best in the nation so our customers benefit from competition, access to service and our investments in the local community.


W. Carroll Smith
TADA Chairman